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Matt L.- San Carlos, CA - 8/30/2015

We worked with Debbie and her team to purchase our home in San Carlos and it was a great experience.  Debbie is so [knowledgeable] about the Peninsula real estate landscape and she really guided us through the whole process.  She really looked out for our best interest and in the end, we got the house that we wanted.  

I fully trust Debbie and her advice and would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house.


Robin F. - Redwood City, 8/4/2015

Working with Debbie was awesome! We've bought and sold our home 3 times in the last 10 years. We chose to work with Debbie this time, because we valued her experience, her knowledge and her positive, "get it done" attitude. She knows her market and has a great support staff (including a list of skilled craftsman), to help insure the process goes as smooth as possible. She's the ultimate professional, always calm and confident and see's problems as challenges to be solved. We highly recommend her.


Rudi Z. - San Rafael, 6/20/2015

These reviews of Debbie are so over the top that I cannot think of anything more to add. I have already given her business card to our neighbor who watched the transformation of our mom's '70s house in Belmont into a modern, hi-tech, tasteful, home perfect for the young, tech industry couple who fit the right demographic to make a cash offer $200,000 over asking price in less than a week.

Since our house needed a complete remodel plus some structural remediation, my wife and I were concerned about finding the right construction crew. We interviewed several companies who's bids scared us away. We interviewed several realtors who seemed egger to sell it as-is for a quick commission. They told us it would take at least 6 to 8 months to complete if we could even find a contractor who wasn't already busy.

Then we found Debbie Wilhelm and her incredible crew. In 4 months, at half the cost, our dog of a house blossomed into one of the most beautiful homes on our block to the amazement of our neighbors. Our water-intensive ivy and grass landscaping was transformed into a designer, low-water use, work of art!  Her flooring crew ripped out the lime-green, shag, wall-to-wall carpeting, fixed all the floor squeaks, and installed stunning, real oak floors throughout.

Her interior crew ripped out the dark, old kitchen and installed a gorgeous, high-end, tasteful centerpiece of the new home. Out came the tacky, fiberglass shower and tub units, and completed two, totally updated modern baths with the coolest fixtures ever. Her stager was extraordinarily au-currant and the website Debbie created for our home was the best that we and our friends had ever seen before. 

Best of all, Debbie is a warm, friendly, professional anyone would like as a personal friend. We will always cherish our days working together with Debbie and her wonderful team of experts. Rudi and Linda.


Valerie Ge - Belmont, 6/16/2015

Debbie was both our buying agent when we bought our house and our selling agent when we sold our house 7 years later.  We couldn't be happier with her services.  She lined up all the inspection for us and negotiated very hard to bring the price down when we bought the house.

When we sold the house 7 years later to move to a bigger place, she told us what we needed to do to get top dollars for the house and helped us find contractors to do the work.  She was so thorough and detail oriented that she even helped us pick a paint color which turned out to be a really good choice.  

She is very knowledgeable, and so energetic and hard-working, she inspires confidence in all her clients!


Jane S. - San Bruno, 5/11/2015

Debbie is a fantastic realtor who is very experienced! I'm so glad I chose her to sell my condo because she always kept me informed on what was going on through emails or phone calls. Since it was my first time selling a property, she patiently explained everything very thoroughly to me. She made it so easy and stress free and that is saying a lot because at the time I was 9 months pregnant. She guided me through the entire process with honest feedback and informative information that I knew I could trust. She really cares about her clients. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone who is either buying or selling a home. I will definitely be using Debbie again when I buy my new house this year. Thank you Debbie.


mb m. - San Francisco, 12/3/2014

We had an excellent experience working with Debbie selling our last home and buying our dream home. She's professional, knowledgeable and extremely well connected -- absolutely critical in this overheated market. Our home sold well over asking, with multiple offers, and with a very smooth close. On the purchase side, we came in significantly under asking at a time where every other sale was going way over. Debbie deftly handled a difficult agent on the sale side and stayed on top of every detail throughout escrow. We were very lucky to have Debbie representing our interests and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell on the peninsula.


Stefanie Jacinto - Redwood City, 4/28/2014

Debbie is an excellent realtor. She helped us win the bid for our dream home in the peninsula. We had a smooth and pleasant experience with her all throughout, from the first meeting during which we discussed what we were looking for, all the way to the end when she handed us the keys to the house. When she gave us the keys, she also gave a handwritten card to congratulate us on being new homeowners, along with a gift card to a local restaurant for a nice celebratory dinner. It really made for a warm welcome to our first home.

One thing that I especially liked about her was that she paid very close attention to aspects of the properties that we went to view. She would point out things that I would never have noticed that could potentially be negative things. For example, one time we were viewing a house and she noticed that the floor in one room was sloping downwards very slightly, probably due to some settling in the foundation. She also noticed that one house had unusually low bathroom countertops, which would have been a little more uncomfortable for us since we are both tall people. She'll make sure she knows what you like (e.g. I really wanted a kitchen with a lot of natural light), and if a property doesn't fit that requirement, she'll make sure to point that out. She genuinely wants you to love the place that you buy; she is not a realtor that will try to convince you how great a house is just so she can make a sale and get her commission quickly. Debbie worked with us for months while we were searching for our house, and not once did we feel that she was getting impatient or frustrated that we hadn't found something yet. She assured us that it was the right thing to take our time and be picky about our first home purchase.

Debbie's assistant, Holly, is the one who prepares the list of houses for viewings when you're early on in the process. Make sure that if you have anything to add or change in your list of specific property requirements, copy Holly when you e-mail Debbie about it. Debbie is very responsive via SMS but e-mail is really the best way to communicate so that Holly knows about it when she prepares the itinerary for the viewing day.

Debbie really knows the market (she's very well-connected) and can give advice on the amount that would make an offer competitive enough. She is also a very confident person by nature, so when the time came to present our offer to the seller, she was 100% ready. Anybody who works with Debbie will be in good hands.


Charlie Akers - Belmont, 4/28/2014

This is my first yelp review.  I signed up for yelp so I could recognize Debbie Wilhelm for the great job she did helping me purchase my home.

When I chose Debbie as my agent I knew she was a top performer who knew the area like the back of her hand.  In fact she had non-public information about the house I was bidding on that was crucial to my offer being accepted and subsequent negotiations that reduced the price.  When I contacted her on a Sunday night needing a pre-qualification letter by the next morning (that's when offers were being taken), Debbie knew someone who could make it happen and give me a great rate.  She's great at recommending and arranging for the inspectors needed to fully examine a property and she goes the extra mile to get additional information such as photocopies of prior building permits, etc.

The sale got complicated by conditions that showed up in inspections and non-permitted work that had been done, but through it all Debbie kept things moving forward toward a result that both sides could be happy with.  She gave valuable advice and moral support and was always available even during a family emergency she had.  Debbie clearly cares about her clients and you know she's your friend as well as your agent.  She's a great negotiator who can reach a favorable agreement for her client while calming the waters when things get tense.  Post-sale, she's ready to help with questions or concerns and can recommend trustworthy tradespeople and other resources for homeowners.  Debbie is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.


Megan Kamil - Belmont, 4/22/2014

Debbie was our buying agent. 

We worked with three others before finding her. While they were all nice, we felt they were not delivering what we needed. As first time home buyers, we wanted: 

(1) Strong and data driven pricing guidance (as opposed to someone who gave us numbers and a lot of hypotheticals regarding what it could sell for). Debbie tells it to you like it is.  While you may not be wiling to pay that price, you've got a number to decide if it's worth your time. 

(2) Knowledge of fixer uppers. This was key for us. We were buying a project and had no idea what it would cost to do basic things. Debbie provided us with better guidance than the other agents, and did it quickly. She has done her share of projects and you can tell by talking to her. If she does not know the rough cost, she will quickly get someone to the property to get a quote. 

(3) Connections. Debbie knows everyone! I learned how the real estate industry really works watching her. She knows prices before they are published and can get the skinny on most houses. Her connections take you far and it was my impression that most agents know her well. I didn't think that mattered when we started but quickly learned that it does. 

(4) Helpful after the close. I still reach out to Debbie for advice on projects in our house. She is always giving me tips, referrals and recommendations on how they would impact the value of the house.


Sam Narich - San Mateo, 4/18/2014

We have bought two houses and sold one, in 3 years, all through Debbie. Each time in the worst possible markets and each time we came out of the transactions with the best possible outcomes.

She is efficient, down to the point, realistic, reliable, trustworthy, unbelievably knowledgeable, has an amazing talent for "knowing which house is for you", unfazed by the crazy Bay Area market, calming and reassuring, knows almost all the other realtors in the business and has a great relationship with them, a great network in the business generally (contractors, painters, etc.), she gets it done, great understanding of worth, what it will take for her client to get the house, very professional and knows her stuff. In addition. she is a fun, caring and down-to-earth person. I loved working with her!

I have referred her to all my friends and just say enough good things about her!


Dennie Bridgman - San Mateo, 4/17/2014

After interviewing a total of 4 Real Estate Agents, we choose Debbie Wilhelm. Her experience and all around knowledge of the area proved to be very valuable to us, and the sale of our home. She was always available for any challenges that came up either personally, or by one of her very capable team members. We always felt well informed as the process continued. Her devotion to her work is one of her strongest suits, and her negotiation skills also proved to be invaluable. Debbie is very determined to complete the process properly from beginning to end. I highly recommend her for any of your Real Estate needs.


George Milionis. - Redwood City, 4/14/2014

We had an excellent experience working with Debbie in the sale of our home. She's professional, knowledgeable and her reputation/connection with other agents is a huge plus. We had a multiple offer situation and with Debbie's deft negotiation skills, we were able to secure the best deal for our house.  We would highly recommend Debbie.


Claudia Davis - San Mateo, CA - 3/18/2014

I had a complex 1031 exchange deal and Debbie stuck with me until the end. I would definitely use Debbie again the next time I need to sell my home!! She gets the job done in a professional manner. Thank you Debbie for a job well done.


Lee B. - San Carlos, CA - 2/25/2014

I met Debbie at an open house when I was researching comparable properties in my neighborhood.  I was impressed by her professional style and obvious knowledge of the area and current conditions.  When I was ready to sell, she presented me with some creative marketing options, and since I was going out of state at that time, I decided on an "off market" arrangement.  The sale went quickly and smoothly.   Finding a replacement property was more difficult due to lack of housing inventory and competition, and Debbie and her assistant Stacy gave their best efforts on my behalf, resulting in a successful offer after a frustrating search process.  The moving process involved a very tight schedule, and they were helpful in meeting the deadline.  

Debbie and Stacy were on the same page with me throughout the selling and buying, and I would certainly use them again.


Manas A. - San Francisco Bay Area, CA - 2/19/2014

Oh boy, this rating system needs more stars for Debbie.

If it weren't for Debbie, we wouldn't have a house today. It's as simple as that. As other reviewers have noted, the market is extremely crazy right now, and Debbie got us to look at a pocket listing (one that never went on MLS), negotiated with the sellers aggressively on our behalf, and got us to close on time at the exact asking price with full contingencies.

If you've been following the Bay Area market, you'll realize that that last part isn't to be found often: we paid not a cent over asking price. And all contingencies were in place for a standard 25-day close.

Throughout the process, Debbie helped us figure out what we wanted, taking us on neighborhood tours and just simply listening to us. She nudged us away from a couple places we liked, even though that would have meant a quicker sale (and commission) for herself. She wanted to make sure we got a house we were happy with long-term, and told us as much.

People in the business, including our lender, all the other agents we encountered during open houses and realtor tours, seemed to respect her for her honesty, candor, and openness. After working with her for a few months, we began implicitly trusting her with whatever she suggested, without second-guessing it ourselves. We told each other that she knew better than either of us what we were doing, and to just go with whatever she's suggesting, knowing that it would turn out fine at the end. That sort of confidence you can lay on someone is definitely not to be overlooked when making the single largest purchase of your lifetime.

In addition, she has a trusted network of inspectors, handymen, and all sorts of engineers who'd come help us out as needed. We've since found out how tough it is to get anyone to show up at all, much less on time. If it weren't for Debbie's contacts and connections, we'd not have been able to close as quickly as we did.

And the last bit of awesomeness from Debbie just came in the mail. She mailed us this January--several months after the purchase--a copy of the documents we would need to file our taxes this year, with a note asking us to have our CPA call her directly if they had any questions. You can't beat service like that!

She deserves somewhere around 10 stars.


Catherine S. - Boulder, CO - 1/24/2014

I chose Debbie based on reviewing her 5 star reviews.  I live out of state and was looking for a listing agent with the knowledge, confidence, strong negotiation skills and a team to guide me though the sale of my condo expertly and she definitely was everything I was looking for and I highly recommend her!!


Matthew S. - San Francisco, CA - 1/15/2014

Wish we could rate her 6 stars!!  We bought our first home with Debbie's help.  She is never unavailable and constantly worked on our behalf in a very difficult market.  Her knowledge of the market and personal connections in the peninsula are second to none.   We will definitely work with Debbie again and highly recommend her!


DK M. - Redwood Shores, CA - 2/7/2014

Debbie has gone far beyond our expectations with her professionalism and knowledge of the market.  As first-time homebuyers, Debbie made sure we were comfortable with our purchase and if there was any issues or problems we came across, Debbie made sure it was resolved.  In addition, Debbie's team and her network of connections (Stacy, Michael, and Holly) were amazing!  We highly recommend Debbie to any home buyers!  We look forward to working with her again!


Joanne G.  - Belmont, CA - 1/31/2014

Debbie is a very knowledgeable and professional realtor. She is very intuitive on clients' needs and wants, and the overall market. When she represents you, you can be sure she places your interest first. When the offer on my Belmont home ran into some issues, she help guide the process through to a very successful conclusion. Should I need the services of a real estate professional, I would not hesitate to use Debbie again. I highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of an ethical, smart, knowledgeable, compassionate and professional real estate expert.


Sergey P. - Belmont, CA - 1/27/2014

Buying a house is a serious decision.  So is choosing a real estate agent who can deeply understand you and your needs and puts your interests above his or her own. These qualities are rare, but my wife and I were quite fortunate when we found Debbie. She came to our old place to see how we live and to understand what we were looking for in our new house. Later on, discussing houses with her was a great learning experience for us. Through these conversations we better understood what mattered most for us.

Debbie always had time for us when we needed her help. Her hard work and attention to detail were quite impressive. So was her extensive network of personal connections, which includes best professionals in every trade imaginable. In the end, buying the house was easy and enjoyable.

Debbie also helped us rent out our old condominium, which took less than a week.

We feel very grateful that we met Debbie. Not only we bought a new house, we acquired a new friend.


Denise Wilkins - Belmont, 11/19/2013

Debbie is the sharpest real estate agent I have ever worked with. We had to sell my mother-in-laws home after her passing and as we live three hours away taking care of clean-up and repairs would have been difficult but Debbie took over the project from day one. Once we met to sign the listing agreement we never had to go back to the house again. It was fixed up, put on the market and sold within days. We greatly appreciate all she did to make a difficult time easier to handle. Thanks again Debbie!


Steve Chariyasatit - Belmont, 8/14/2013

This is my first Yelp review ever, and I can't imagine a better person to write it for than Debbie.  Debbie was our agent when we relocated from Belmont and needed to sell our house within a very limited time frame.  She was a referral from our friends who moved away prior, and sold their house with Debbie for an impressive sum.  With Debbie's guidance, we likewise sold our home at a price we previously thought unattainable.  On top of everything, she was wonderful to work with and made sure we were on track and comfortable each step of the way.

First, Debbie knows the Belmont/San Mateo real estate market inside and out.  This is important not only to guide sellers in setting the right price, but also to know what improvements would yield the best returns given the neighborhood and homes sold in the area.  If something will dramatically increase the price given the investment, she is able to identify it.  But if something is not worth doing, she will tell you that too.  She is definitely very tuned in to exactly what will get the best response from buyers.

Second, Debbie will keep you on track of your goals.  We had a tight timeline to make improvements, stage the home, and sell it.  Debbie set up appointments for us with her extensive contacts and kept us moving on schedule.  Yet, she made sure to explain everything and answer any questions we had so we were comfortable with what we were doing.  Looking back, I doubt we would have accomplished so much in so little time without her.  And her contacts - from contractors to stagers - were amazing in quality and price.

Third, Debbie is responsive and great at following up with you.  Though she is busy (not surprising given how great of an agent she is), you never doubt that you are a special client to her.  

Overall, Debbie was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of buying or selling in the peninsula.


Iris Sandilands - Belmont, 7/22/2013

Debbie and her assistant Stacy are definitely the dynamic duo when it comes to real estate. Debbie was our listing agent for the house we recently sold--in a week-and-a-half, way over the asking price. She advised us thoughtfully on what we should do to make our old house more appealing (e.g., take out the fitted carpet and refinish the original hardwood flooring) and had great contacts to get those things done quickly and at a very reasonable price. She was also a very effective trouble-shooter with some issues that cropped up as we researched the house's history and was excellent at reassuring us that we should not worry and all would be well. Can't say enough good things about this team, who are warm and personable as well as being super-smart.


Linda D - 7/19/2013

This is the third time I have used Debbie as my agent and my experience was nothing less than perfection.  She's extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly what she's doing. She gets the job done in a professional manner. She listens to your needs and will work with you. Thank you Debbie for a job well done.


Suzanne Moore - Belmont, 7/16/2013

Debbie Wilhelm was recommended to me as an agent to help me sell my home.  If I had written down all the things I wanted in an agent, I would have short changed myself.  Debbie is extremely well versed in land sales as well as residential home sales.  This was very helpful since my house was on a large parcel for the area and she knew exactly what to do as far as pricing and promoting this unusual property.  Debbie and her team jumped in and really helped me to get through this process in one piece.  From the moment I met Debbie, I was impressed by her honesty and the fact that she had sold many homes in my neighborhood.  She was very patient with all my questions and was always available for me when I had questions.  I was going through selling my home of sixty years and recently losing my Mother.  Debbie took so much of the stress out of this whole process and then her negotiating skills came into play.  Debbie Wilhelm is the one to have on board if you are thinking of selling your home.  She is also helping me re-locate to a new home and I am excited to see what she will come up with next!  I can't say enough wonderful things about her except that I am so glad I had the pleasure of working with her.


Wunan Li and Yanming Gwo-San Mateo, July 2013

It has been a tough market for Bay Area Buyers.  Home supply is at a historical low and demand is rapidly increasing due to low interest rates and foreign interest.  We lost 3 offers to cash buyers, who are paid 100K to 200K over the listing price with a 10-day close.   

Given the above circumstances, we knew we had to get the BEST agent in the area to have a decent chance at our dream home.   We did numerous researches both online and offline, Debbie Wilhelm's name keep popping as the top agent in Belmont, San Carlos, and San Mateo area.   We reached out to her to be our agent and she delivered like #1 Real Estate agent in Belmont and beyond.  

Connections - Debbie is probably one of most respected agents in Mid Peninsula.   All the local agents know her well and know she can deliver.   She also developed tons of great working relationships with other top agents, bankers, escrow agent,  inspectors, etc - these connections will give a lot of advantage over others.  You will soon find her voice and presence carries a lot of weight in the marketplace. 

Determination - Debbie simply will NOT quit until you find your home.   When we lost on one of our offers, she immediately got on the phone and found four more listings.  She worked with us many nights reviewing reports and coming up with the right offer price.

Instincts - Debbie estimates home sales price like no other - she was dead on for 8 out 9 listings we looked at - her estimates were +/- 1% of the actual selling price! It pretty amazing when you consider all the factors goes into the determining a market price for a home.  You may save $10K with other agents, but you might by $50K over  

Insights - Debbie brought and sold a lot of homes in Bay Area. As first time buyers, we jumped to conclusion few times - she was there to pull us back to reality by being honest and open about possible issues based on her experience.   

Negotiation - She is well known for her negotiation skills.  She keeps assertiveness and empathy in balance when dealing with others - which results in good deal for you both as a seller or buyer. 

In my mind, finding a good agent is crucial in your home buying process.  Why not go for the BEST.


Carla Lee Hurley and Scott Hurley-San Mateo, May 2012

Debbie was the listing agent on a home we were interested in putting in a bid for.  When I called her on the phone, she was so pleasant and very honest..she didnt try to make it sound as though there were tons of bids.  We were working with another agent at the time.  When we decided to find an agent that specialized in the Belmont/San Mateo area, Debbie was the first person I reached out to since I remembered how nice and honest she seemed.  We also reached out to Caroline Dinsmore (equally wonderful) and we decided to work with them as co agents, best move we made!

They were both so  easy to work with and very responsive to our emails and phone calls.  They both have a great sense of humor and are just so easy to talk to.  They always explained everything to us and were always patient. We wanted to see so many houses and they never told us they couldn't.  They showed us every single house we wanted to see (and there were a lot).  They helped us find our dream home in April...we honestly dont think we could have done it without their expertise.  They have a lot of respect from other real estate agents and I think that goes a long way when you submit your bids.

The best part was that most real estate agents would probably run if they heard we were going to use a VA loan, not Caroline and Debbie...they never ever made us feel like we weren't as important as their other clients.  They recommended an awesome mortgage broker, Stefani Hartsell, and we closed with a VA loan in 30 days....which is almost impossible to do!

I would recommend them both in a wont regret it.


Russ Hugi-Belmont, November 2011 

Debbie was recommended to me by friends and I am very glad that I followed their advice. She handled the entire process of selling my house in a very professional and goal oriented manner. She kept me informed of what was going on at all times, and I never had to wait to get an answer to any of my questions. Regarding what issues needed to be addressed to get the house ready for presentation, it turned out that Debbie was right on target with her
recommendations as to which items were important and which ones were not.  This all contributed greatly to a rather fast sale, which is not all that common in today's real estate market. Thanks a million, Debbie!


Mary & Marguerite Engler-San Carlos, November 2011 

If you need a real estate agent you can truly depend on and who works 100% on the sale of your house, Debbie Wilhelm is the one! We had to move quickly out of state and leave our home for sale. Debbie and her team effectively managed and sold our home during our absence. She relieved our stress and concern in moving by checking on the house and property regularly and she even watered our decorative potted plants we had to leave behind. She was attentive to every detail, professional, very considerate and always available. She even invited us to view her other open houses to see the staging possibilities for our home. She goes that extra mile by listening to you and following through with your requests. She is very resourceful with a network of contacts that can be used on short notice to assist with anything. She can even arrange staging your home if needed. She held open houses every weekend until our home was sold in a month in October 2011! We were so fortunate to find Debbie because thanks to her hard work we received top dollar for our home. She is also a great person who is friendly and delightful to work with. We would highly recommend Debbie without any reservation to anyone selling their home.


Jonathan Kleid-Belmont, September 2011

Meeting and working with Debbie and your team was extraordinary. You know it’s funny, only after our extremely successful transaction of the sale of our home in Belmont, did we actually read the glowing comments from other clients about you on your website.

I won’t bore you with more of the same, however here is what we have learned if you want to sell your home. It’s really quite simple.

  1. Retain Debbie Wilhelm as your agent
  2. Listen to Debbie Wilhelm and do what she asks
  3. Let Debbie Wilhelm do her job and don’t get in her way
  4. Collect the proceeds when your home sells

See, it’s just that simple!

If the world could work as well as our experience with you, it would be a far more glorious place.


Kumar Subramini & Jayashree Natarajan-Redwood Shores, September 2011

Debbie is friendly and dedicated agent we have seen in mid-peninsula focusing in Redwood Shores, Belmont and surrounding areas. She's easy to work with and is always flexible in work with the client to do what is best for them. She strive to go above and beyond to achieve the best deal for their client which includes them putting in long works and being there to help any time.  Debbie understands the pulse of the market very well and this in our case was one of the key factors in timing the open house right which resulted in the house selling right away. It was great pleasure to have worked with Debbie in selling our house, where she helped us through the different phases of selling process. She always strive to make a win-win situation both as a seller & buyer's agent and I would recommend Debbie to any potential buyer/sellers.


Tracy Augustine & Chris Hawthorne ,---- B ------------B-Belmont, September 2011

We had Debbie (and Val Vandervort) represent us in the sale of our Belmont home as well as the purchase of our new home in Half Moon Bay. She has an outstanding reputation on the peninsula, which attracted us to her, and then from the first conversation she backed it up with her expertise and attention to detail. She was wonderful to spend time with; fun, easy to talk to, honest and very knowledgeable about the real estate on both the peninsula and the coast.
In the end, she got us a very speedy sale (one week!) for over our asking price, and helped us find our dream home on the coast - one that hadn't even fully hit the market yet. She was completely on the ball, and has great relationships with other realtors that help her find the best homes quickly. We could never have done as well without her, and we feel we've made a great friend in the process. We would hire her again in a second, and would happily refer her to anyone selling or buying real estate in the area. A true expert who cares about getting the best for her clients! 


Adrianna Boden & Michael Torosian-Woodside, September 2011

Debbie is a five star agent who sticks with her clients through the ups and downs of buying a house.  She guided us through a particularly challenging negotiation for our house and was a fountain of knowledge and strategic advice that ultimately got us to the end and with a very successful result.  Debbie is also someone who is very honest - she gave us plenty of advice on houses she didn't think were great investments prior to our house purchase - and keeps her cool in tough situations.  So glad we had her on our team and we recommend her to everyone we know.


Rolf Langland-Belmont, September 2011

Debbie recently handled the sale of my house in Belmont, which required substantial renovation (painting, floors, appliances, carpets, roofing, landscaping).  Before the home was put on the market she brought together a team of contractors who did a superb job of renovating the home from top to bottom and significantly increased the value of the property. She is extremely organized, well-informed and detail-oriented. During the sale process, every phone message and e-mail I sent to her was promptly answered.  Debbie Wilhelm is without question the best realtor I have ever worked with.


Chris & Larissa O'Driscoll-San Carlos, June 2011

Debbie is fantastic!! My husband and I just bought our first home and we could not have felt more comfortable, have our interests more well represented or be more happy with our new home! Debbie and Holly listened to our million questions, helped every inch of the way and are experts in an often confusing real estate world. She knows everyone as well, which is extremely helpful, and led us to our mortgage person and title company.
I would recommend Debbie to anyone!!!  She is the best you can get!!


Jim & Eunice Kim-San Mateo, July 2011

Jim and I want to thank you for all your hard work. Considering the current state of the market, we consider ourselves fortunate to be able to sell our place (and so fast!!!), no doubt due to all your advice, expertise and work. We especially appreciate you being available to us whenever we needed to discuss something. Although we do not anticipate it, if we ever decide to move back to San Mateo, we will definitely use your services again!


Patricia O’Lague-San Mateo, July 2011 

 I do not think we could have found anyone who worked better or harder to sell our family home than Debbie Wilhelm. She took care that the family understood the current housing market, the value in relation to like homes in the area, which improvements could make a difference. She was not only extremely knowledgeable about property in general, but specifically had a true knowledge and sense of the housing market in Belmont area where my family lived. She worked so well with the diverse personalities in the family. In addition to having wonderful ideas she also listened and followed through on suggestions from others. It felt very much like a team effort. She was there for any questions or concerns and was a great advocate for the outcome and interest of our family. She always seemed to care as much about the people as she did about the house. We are forever grateful. Thank you Debbie!!


Deke Johnson & Rich Velez- Belmont, May 2011

Debbie and Holly worked their butt off to sell my home at full asking price.  I have seven homes around the country with four being for sale.  They not only sold their listing first but did more than all the other agents combined.  They created a to do list, got the list done using their network of help, held open houses every week, called me twice a week with complete updates, and advertised my home as well as I've seen done before.  They even got an article written about my house as another way of publicizing.  They are smart, knowledgeable, hard working, and incredibly committed to getting the listing sold.  That is what makes them great.  Every agent has a desire to sell but they have commitment.  They don't just list your home and hope it sells, they work all angles and directions to get the house sold.  That is commitment and is frankly the first time I believe my agents deserve every penny of the commission.


Alex Janin- Belmont, February 2011

Debbie is AWESOME. My wife and I worked with her and Val Vandervort together, and what a team!

They helped us sell our condo and buy a house (the same week!) - there were lots of complications with our situation regarding the condo, but Deb and Val worked through all of them with a smile, handled all of the communication flawlessly and were able to sell our condo in perfect timing for the New House that they found for us!

We bought a house in Belmont after searching for a few months with the help of the Deb and Val. They were so patient with our needs, and must have shown us the interior of at least 100 homes (not to mention the hundreds more online). We found the most perfect home to start our family, in the exact price range, and could not have done so without the long hours from Deb and Val.

They have a fantastic network created in the area and know all of the other realtors, inspectors, contractors, closing companies - you name it. They had fantastic advice on who to work with, who not to work with, and where they could get the best price for contract work, closing costs, etc. I have referred several friends since buying 7 months ago and all of the have had awesome reviews as well.
I hope to stay in our home for a long time, but if we do decide to move, Deb and Val will be the first people we call!

They are THE BEST!


Diane Goodge-San Mateo and Redwood City, October 2010

My experience working with Debbie was wonderful. She's extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly what she's doing. She gets the job done in a professional manner. She listens to your needs and will work with you. I had a complex negotiation deal and she stuck with me until the end. I would definitely use Debbie again the next time I need to sell my home!!  Thank you Debbie for a job well done.


Kris Govani-Belmont, August 2010

If you are looking for a full service real estate agent who is incredibly knowledgeable about her profession and will go the extra mile to make sure you end up in the home you want, then Debbie Wilhelm is the right agent for you. I spent a year and a half looking for the right home for me and my family.  Debbie was with me every step of the way, giving me her unbiased opinion of each property.  I never felt any pressure to make a move, I just felt like I had a friend looking out for our best interests and someone who was truly interested in making sure I found the right home for my family.

Debbie is also amazingly well connected.  She has a seemingly endless list of folks to help you before and after the purchase of your home; from mortgage brokers, to contractors, to painters, to gardeners, to colorists, the list goes on and on. I wholeheartedly recommend Debbie. She is an excellent realtor and a fine person, you will not find anyone better than her.


Mark & Devra Dallman-Belmont, August 2010

Debbie Wilhelm and her team are incredible and we highly recommend you hire them!! Debbie has been a friend and was a neighbor in Belmont for many years.  We selected Debbie to market and sell our Belmont home.  She presented a thorough marketing plan.  She began immediately to execute that plan.  She and her staff kept us updated regarding appointments, changes and even hand carried documents when needed.  Debbie and her team are professional, accessible and return calls promptly.  Most important, they follow through on commitments! 

It’s critical to work with a realtor who has a solid, proven track record and a team in place.  Debbie guided us and provided resources for inspecting and staging our home!  She effectively marketed the property to sell.  Debbie briefed us regarding documents, terms and conditions and routinely provided a heads up on what to expect next.  She is a skilled negotiator and will provide insights for your consideration.  We greatly appreciated her proactive approach to sell our home.  It worked!!  We sold in less than 10 days and closed 30 days later.  Debbie and her team deserve an award for their ability to deliver!


Diane Medak-San Mateo, July 2010

I am so pleased that Debbie was referred to me.  I had met with a few other agents and after my first conversation with Debbie, I knew she was the one to work with!  I live in Los Angeles and was looking to sell a rental property I had in San Mateo.  Just due to the condition of the property and distance I assumed this would be a time consuming and complicated transaction.  It was not, Debbie and her team took care of EVERYTHING!  The house was fixed up by Debbie's team and on the market ahead of schedule.  Debbie knows what she is doing!  I highly recommend working with her and her team and I will definitely use her services again in the future!


Kevin Ebmeyer-Redwood Shores, July 2010

Debbie and Caroline were amazing to work with. I interviewed 3 different agents and they were the most sincere and worked the hardest for my business.  The real work began when we had a buyer with an FHA loan - yet my HOA wasn't FHA compliant. Although my HOA management company was difficult to deal with, Debbie and Caroline wouldn't give up and their perseverance paid off and the deal closed.  They've been a joy to work with and I highly recommend them to any prospects.


Anurag Singh & Anupama Pandey-Belmont, June 2010

Debbie helped us buy our home in Foster City and our recent experience with Debbie has been wonderful. I can tell from my experience that Debbie knows her clients' needs and she combines her experience to give her clients the right advice.

We had been in the market for a few months. We came close to writing an offer on one house. But thanks to Debbie, we decided against it. Now we own a house that we all love. Debbie helped us understand the positives and negatives of the house we bought and by the time we came to the conclusion, we knew that there are no hidden problem that we are not aware of. We have lived in the house for a few months now and we still feel the same.

I will call myself a very demanding client but Debbie was always patient and responsive to all our questions and concerns. She was always available to fit our crazy schedule. She not only helped us buy the house, she also helped us with the few upgrades we made to the house.

If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable, and caring realtor, who will not rush you in to making a decision for your next home, Debbie is the realtor for you.


Peter Lin & Su-Lyn Kwok-Belmont, June 2010

Debbie worked with us for nearly a year helping us with our real estate transactions. We had made the decision to sell our two homes at the worst possible time during the down housing market. One of our homes was custom built with unique features that only specific buyers could overlook. Unfortunately due to the housing market, buyers could afford to be picky and the one serious buyer that came our way was as difficult and annoying to deal with as buyers could be. Despite these challenges, Debbie worked with utmost patience and professionalism, without which we probably would have given up on trying to sell this house altogether. She took many calls late in the evenings to keep us updated and to ensure that deals were closed in a timely manner. She co-ordinated all the necesary inspections, cleaning and staging etc. to prep the home for sale. Throughout this time, Debbie became more than just our real-estate agent, she became our friend.


Betty Chan & Mark Luechtefeld-Belmont & San Mateo, May 2010

Debbie Wilhelm was there for us when we sold and purchased our home in the summer.  Whenever we had a question or needed to see a property she responded within hours.  She works hard and has a great attitude.  We were in a multiple offers situation when we bought our house in San Mateo.  We're glad Debbie and her team were able to help us get into the house we'll be living in for a long time.


Lars & Val Pedersen-Belmont, April 2010

We worked with Debbie when we sold our house in Belmont last spring. When we were first looking for a realtor, what really impressed us about Debbie was her extensive marketing/contacts on the peninsula and her very professional and honest approach to home buying and selling. In a time when selling a house can be a difficult process, Debbie and her team made it no problem at all. We were pending in just one week. We highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area.


Yuko Nagahashi-Lee & Tom Lee-Belmont, April 2011

Debbie is the consummate real estate professional in the San Francisco Peninsula; especially Belmont and San Mateo, CA.  Her knowledge and experience is clearly evident in her approach to selling and or finding homes in the region.  We were very fortunate to have her sell our Belmont home in April 2011 as the market was still soft and inventory was abundant.  Her team of construction, stagers, painters really prepared our home for sale.  Much like a doctor, she provided us with a succinct assessment of our homes' strengths and weaknesses and formulated a plan to sell the home.  Within a month, we had multiple offers and sold the house!   Just a great experience.  We wholeheartedly endorse Debbie as she definitely " has skills"!!! 


Elizabeth Susskind & Jim Blodgette-Foster City & Belmont, July 2009

Debbie Wilhelm, and her partner, Val Vandervort, are truly a dynamic duo.  Debbie's experience is second to none.  She guided us expertly through the minefield of selling our Foster City condo (in a terrible market) and helped us buy our beautiful new Belmont Hills home.  Debbie took endless trouble to get to know us as people, what we liked to do, what our interests were, etc. so that she never wasted our time showing houses that were unsuitable.   The combination of her encyclopedic knowledge of residential real estate and Val's irrepressible enthusiasm and ability to "think outside the box\" was fantastic.   I would recommend these two fabulous ladies to anyone looking to either buy or sell (or both!) a home.  Thank you both!!


Fred & Susan Miller-San Mateo, October 2008 & San Carlos, April 2009

When we were looking to downsize to a condo in San Mateo, Debbie was an incredible advocate for our interests.  She helped us find the perfect unit, in a great location.  She also helped us sell our home in San Carlos, even though the housing market had just taken a downturn.  Her advice regarding renovations and staging really made a difference in marketing and selling our house.  With Debbie and her team behind us, we always felt that we were being well represented.  She was there every step of the way, always willing to meet at our convenience, and always looking out for our best interest, whether as a seller or as a buyer.


Heather Sirk & Kevict Yen-San Carlos, April 2009

"We worked with Debbie and Val on the sale of our home in San Carlos during a very slow real estate market. They gave us professional and candid advice on what we needed to do to get the house ready for sale and where we should price it to sell quickly. We got it on the market, sold and closed escrow in less than 30 days! It was exactly the experienced guidance and support we needed at a very stressful time."


Hai Chen-Belmont, March 2009

"We are so glad that we chose Debbie to represent us when I put our house on market. Not only did we sell our house with a good price within 30 days in a tough market, but we also built a really good agent-client relationship in the process, which will last for years.

We are very busy with our work. We hope our agent can take the stress out of the selling for us so that we could focus on our work. Debbie went above and beyond that. What strikes us the most is how hard working she is. She is always on top of things; she is always there when we needed her. She did not only help us sell our old house, but also helped us negotiate a great deal on our new purchase. Even though she was not our agent on the new purchase because we entered purchase agreement with the builder without an agent long before we knew her, she did a lot of homework for us, and pulled all the data together for us. We are really impressed how much she knows about the real estate market in the Bay Area. What we can say to anyone is that when you enter a real estate market, you want Debbie on your side of the table!\"

Jessica Vernon-San Mateo, March 2009

"I don't know what I'd do without you!"

Roy Huhn-Redwood City, February 2009

"I would like to thank you for all the hard work you and your team did on my behalf in the sale of my custom home in Emerald Hills. I still can't believe you were able to find a buyer for my upper end home in the poor market we had at the end of 2008. After looking at sales data for the time period my home was one of the few that actually sold for a good price in such a bad market. I am sure it would not have happened without such an experienced and knowledgeable agent. So thanks again for a great job and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know looking for a great Real Estate agent. I will be in touch soon when I am ready to purchase again.

Thanks again for all the help."

Lee Sacco-Palo Alto, February 2009

"Debbie and her team helped us sell our home successfully during a very difficult time in the housing market. She was very professional, organized and effective in every step of the process. Debbie got to know my fiance and I to understand our needs, wants and goals. She made sure that we evaluated all of our decisions in the context of those goals throughout the home selling process. Debbie put no pressure on us to sell at the first offer we got, and by waiting we were able to get a much better offer. I think most agents would have pushed to close a sale as soon as possible, and we are grateful that she did not. Debbie also kept us informed about everything that was going on at every step of the process, and she was very accessible to us and responded quickly by phone and email every time we contacted her. She went the extra mile on everything that needed done, including sending me copies of all of the newspaper advertisements and links to all the web postings for the house."

Shawn Adamek-San Carlos, July, 2008

"I guess I never said thank you to you for everything you have done for us. You have done an incredible job especially under the tight timelines and circumstances. Your support and diligence has been a real blessing to us during a very difficult time. I'm very grateful for your working around any inconveniences. We have needed extra support and you have been there to give it to us.

I've done business development for about ten years now and I have to say that working with you guys has been one of the most pleasurable experiences I have had in any business deal I've done."

David & Emma McCulloch-San Mateo, May, 2008

"Debbie Wilhelm was our realtor for the purchase of 215 State Street in San Mateo. Debbie was an absolute God-send in facilitating a very fast move when we needed it most.

Despite excellent counsel and great persistence from Debbie, we were unlucky enough to have our first house fall-through while in Escrow. Once it become clear the seller was going to pull out of the transaction, Debbie negotiated a very difficult situation for us, drawing upon experience within Coldwell Banker as needed, and quickly helping us to move on from a bad situation to the pursuit of our dream house.

During the process of bidding on the first home, we had successfully sold our existing home, leaving us in a situation where we faced a temporary rental unless we could find and close on another property in a matter of weeks.

When we found a great home in San Mateo with a seller wanting a rapid close, Debbie pulled out all the stops while remaining incredibly detail-oriented and methodical. Defying all the odds, she worked with her expert team of inspectors and financial advisors to help us close AND MOVE in just a few weeks.

We can't say enough good things about Debbie. In a process that can be unpredictable and complicated, she is always calm, professional and extremely careful in explaining each step of the process.

We recommend her services very highly."

Carla Nelson-Belmont, March 2008

"Thank you for your excellent and professional help in selling my Belmont home. When I tell the story of selling my home, most people are amazed at what transpired in such a short period of time. To recap:
After interviewing two of your piers, I engaged your services on 10/30/07. Within 3 weeks, your team of service providers had remodeled my kitchen and bathroom, painted the exterior and refreshed the interior paint, landscaped the front and back yards and staged the house for sale. And this was during the Thanksgiving holiday. Unbelievable! Your team was ready and very able to assist with all questions and support. My home sold within two days during a transitional real estate market.
I would welcome the opportunity to share my experience with your prospective clients. Thank you again."

Jeff & Megan Davis-Belmont, August 2007

"We're writing this letter on behalf of Debbie Wilhelm and Holly Noto, two excellent realtors with Coldwell Banker San Mateo. When we first started to investigate the Peninsula housing market, we attended several open houses. At these properties, we met a multitude of agents and out of the many realtors we spoke with, Debbie and Holly really stood out from the crowd. They were impeccably professional, yet down-to-earth and easy to talk to. They were more than happy to meet with us, and gave us honest and knowledgeable answers to our MANY questions. As first time home buyers, we had questions coming out our ears, plus some very specific and tough-to-find needs! Debbie and Holly patiently discussed everything with us, and were up-front about our chances of finding our dream house, in our dream price range.

From the first listing we toured together, we could tell that they really had our interests and happiness in mind. Over six months of searching for the perfect property, and three offers, we never once felt pressured into a decision. Debbie and Holly were great at giving us guidance and their honest opinion of a listing, whether good or bad, but also letting us reach our own final conclusions. When we became frustrated and felt a little like Goldilocks (this one costs too much, this one is too small, this lot is too steep, where is the one that is JUST RIGHT?), they were right there with encouragement, but also let us know when and if we needed to adjust our expectations.

In the end, Debbie and Holly helped us to find the perfect house, exactly what we'd been hoping for all along. And, probably most importantly, when our dream house came up, they were instrumental in helping us to write a bullet-proof offer and getting that offer accepted! Even after the paperwork was signed and escrow closed, they were still right there to help. They offered us so much assistance with moving, changing utilities, even making certain everything in the house was working once we arrived. Debbie and Holly truly went above and beyond as realtors - we are so happy with our home, and especially our decision to work with them as our agents. We can't imagine leaving this great place - but if and when we do decide to sell, we will work with Debbie and Holly again, without a doubt! Thanks again for all your help."

Derek and Etsuko Adelman-Belmont, July 2007

"We had recently moved from our Hallmark address to a new home that we had spent four years building. So, when the time came to concentrate on selling our old home, we turned to a long-time friend and trusted neighbor, who happened to be a mortgage broker, for some recommendations. He gave us three. My wife and I carefully interviewed all three, and judged them on the basis of their respective impression of the property and the best strategy to maximize the selling price.

Unlike the other two, Debbie proposed a relatively low listing price, and suggested we stage and remodel in such a way as to generate as much interest as possible. She had complete confidence in her interpretation of market trends and in her team of contractors, handymen, painters and landscapers. There were a few odd features about the house that needed some creativity. Yet, within two weeks of signing the contract, the house seemed completely transformed, with three quality bathroom remodels, a kitchen \"refresh\" , and certain fixture upgrades; and all at a much better than reasonable price. The day after the remodel was finished, in came the broker tour and five days later the open house. Two days after that we closed with multiple offers at a price not only considerably higher than our original asking price but much higher than the recommended listing prices of the two alternate brokers. We feel certain that Debbie was instrumental in maximizing the value of the property with minimal effort from our side.

Throughout the process Debbie was the consummate pro. She paid attention to our sensitivities about having lived in the property for eleven years. Yet she moved things forward in a very succinct and deliberate way. She thoroughly understands Belmont. We have no hesitation in recommending her highly."

Ellen Gibran-Hesse-Belmont, July 2007

"It seemed like I couldn't have picked a worse time to downsize from a large family home to a condo now that my youngest was off to college. Almost every night, the news carried stories of the horrible housing market. I watched houses sit for month after month in my own neighborhood. To make matters worse, I hadn't moved in 20 years, where does one even begin?

Debbie Wilhelm was recommended by friends who had sold their homes more recently in the golden sellers market. I was nervous. In two months, Debbie held my hand through the transition, guided the teams to make the repairs and sprucing up of the house. In less than a month, my house was painted inside and out, new carpeting, new landscaping-- it was a treasure done at bargain prices!

The result was that my house was sold in less than one week for the price range I wanted. Meanwhile, the same houses remain on the market that were on in the months before mine. Anyone can sell houses in the good times. It takes a special agent and her team to make that happen in the bad times. My heartfelt thanks to Debbie and her team from a grateful single mom and her college sons!"

Jim and Myrtle Bogdan-Belmont, March 2007

"Jim and I want to thank you so much for helping us to sell our home in Belmont. You were recommended to us from a friend of our sons and it was truly a blessing. Since we are out-of-town sellers, the whole responsibility of getting our home ready for sale fell on you and you admirably ensured every detail was taken care of.

You hired excellent workmen, including a contractor, painter, hardwood floor specialist, handyman and landscape gardener. You arranged their schedules, decided on the color of paint throughout the house, and replaced items that needed updating (bathroom vanity, mirrors and light fixtures). Your taste was impeccable and made our house beautiful and charming. You also arranged to have the house staged which was the piece de resistance.

In addition to all of the above, you arranged for all inspections to be done before the house went into multiple listing and kept in touch with us at all times. Our questions and concerns were immediately addressed and phone calls were returned in a timely manner. Your experience, professionalism, high energy and pleasant attitude are above and beyond what one would expect from a real estate agent.

Our previous dealings with real estate transactions have not been pleasant but this time it was smooth sailing all the way through. The home was ready for sale within about two weeks from our first contact. You had only one open house which netted fourteen offers. The house was only on the market for ten days and sold for much higher than our asking price. Your knowledge and experience in the Belmont area is second to none and made this real estate transaction worry free on our part.

Again Debbie, thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into selling our home. We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate. You are truly an asset to your profession."

Maria and Jose Aguila-San Mateo, September 2006

"I strongly recommend that anyone selling or buying a home to have Debbie Wilhelm working for them. I feel we were blessed in having her work for us. I had worked with other realtors before but had not met someone who would take the time to meet our needs: a good home and a large lot that would appreciate in the near future. She spent a lot of time researching the area, values, neighborhoods, lot sizes, and showed us a lot of properties. She never rushed or pushed us towards any purchases, and was very forward about the downs and ups of each property we looked at. She took the time to look up exactly how much each property was worth. I can't express how grateful I am we had Debbie Wilhelm. She helped us get the house of our dreams in a great neighborhood. She explained all the legal documents over and over until we understood everything we were singing. I know that if you work with Debbie Wilhelm once you will never work with another realtor again. She's the best!"

Bud and Donna Roduta-Belmont, May 2006

"In April 2006, my wife and I decided to sell our house after 29 years of ownership. We interviewed three agents in our area and selected Debbie Wilhelm to represent us. During the interview, Debbie made us feel so comfortable with our knowledge and personality. She omitted nothing was to what she will be doing for us and what to expect. Her professionalism was outstanding and without hesitation, we highly recommend her services to anyone.

Debbie presented us with a time line of everything that should and will be done by her and her staff. Every thing was on time and there was never a delay or any surprises. We never realized how complicated selling a house would be but we did not experience any frustrations or setbacks.

Debbie placed the "For Sale" sign up and within two days, we received an offer well over our asking price. As soon as our house sold, there were about three or four other houses put on the market and in the course of one month, a few were still not sold.

It is with great pride that we would recommend Debbie, Coldwell Banker, and their staff to anyone who wishes to buy or sell a house."

Linda Adler & Tom McDonald-Belmont, April 2006

"We really appreciated all that Debbie did for us during the sale of our home. She was fast and efficient in getting the deal done. Every time we interacted with her and her team they were always pleasant and even in stressful times, Debbie never once lost her cool."

Robert and Lynda Korsan-Belmont, March 2006

"Lynda and I would like to thank you very much for the really great job you did helping us to sell our house in Belmont. We were really pleased by your organization, clear knowledge and long experience with Belmont sales. This was a complicated process with inspections, minor repairs, reports, pricing, open houses, and taking offers. Yet, only about 4 weeks after it started we had sold our house at a price above asking.

Your ability to recommend reasonably priced workmen, to schedule them, to work with a stager, to continually respond to our questions and needs and your quick response to any of our calls was way above the level we expected when we first contemplated selling.
The listing presentation package you gave us was more professional that others we received. The recommendations we got from previous clients were uniformly high. In fact, one of your previous clients had tried to sell their house, unsuccessfully, with another agent we were considering. This made our selection easy.

Thank you once again for a job well done. Your standards, work ethic and energy are all that we could have hoped and more. We would be please to recommend you to any potential clients."

Jacquelyn Maxon-Belmont, November 2005

"First, let me apologize for taking so long to write this letter. Life has continued to provide challenges that have taken me away from showing you the proper appreciation for the excellent assistance you provided in selling my grandmother's home in Belmont.

The circumstances that brought us to selling the family house were very sad. The death of my grandmother and the selling of the house my grandfather built in 1949 was a closure of a long history of memories for our family. But, you made it as ease as it could possibly have been and I am truly grateful for all you did.

As you know, the attorney for my grandmother's estate gave me your name. I interviewed you and several other well known firms. Each of you suggested similar approaches but I thought you and your colleagues demonstrated your knowledge of the Belmont area the best. The materials you provided were excellent.

When I first learned of my grandmother's terminal condition, I knew that I would have to sell the house. My grandmother had neglected the house for many years prior to her death. It had not been painted, or cared for in the manner that I take care of my own house. It was not important to her. Because of all the deferred maintenance, my thought prior to your advice was to sell the house as is.

After reviewing the market with you, and seeing other comparable properties on the market, it became clear that some money and time should be spent to improve the appearance and marketability of the house. Painting the house inside and out, replacing the garage doors, working on the landscaping, taking up the old carpeting and, refinishing the hardwood floors made a vast improvement. I know that these improvements contributed significantly to the value we received.

Staging the house was something that I didn't even consider doing prior to meeting you. Spending some of my grandmother's hard earned funds seemed a little extravagant. Especially, since I was not the owner of the home. However, I am glad I did. Staging the house helped potential buyers visualize the house as their home, and camouflaged some of the character flaws we decided not to improve like replacing the windows.

Thanks to your advice I know we received top dollar for the house. It sold for at least $70,000 more that I thought it could ever bring. I wish you continued success. You helped me and my family a great deal. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone needing the services of a great realtor."

Chris & Kirsten Mclean-Belmont, September 2005

"Thank you for all that you have done for us before, during, and after the sale of our home at 1900 Hillman Avenue in Belmont, CA. We could not have done it without you and your team at Coldwell Banker!

With less than a week's notice to make our cross-country relocation from Belmont, CA to Houston, TX, no one else could have accomplished so much for us. Your ability to visit our home daily; oversee the general maintenance of our home (plants, yard, housecleaning); meet with the movers; as well as coordinate renovations in order to prepare our house for sale, provided us with confidence and assurance that our home was in great hands.

We were thrilled with all of our offers; your ability to facilitate presentations; and, follow-up to verify pre-approval financing from buyer lenders for pre-emptive bids prior to an \"official\" open house. We are singing your praises to all of our friends in the Bay Area as we cannot say enough good things about you!

Last, but not least, your coaching and mentorship for purchasing our new home in Houston has been invaluable.
If anyone would like a verbal reference on your exceptional skills and abilities or your professional business acumen, we would be more than happy to give you an outstanding reference."

Julie Brower-Belmont, August 2005

"I first contacted Debbie one week prior to my son's birth in June 2005. My husband was a finalist for a position out of the area, and I felt I needed to interview potential agents before the offer was finalized due to the impending birth of my son. My husband and I had gone to open houses of a few of her listings and were always impressed at how well presented they were. I let her know that any agent we selected would have to handle all of the details as I would be attending to a newborn. She quickly agreed. One month later, I contacted Debbie again, on a Wednesday, to let her know my husband had accepted the position.

As the end of the summer season was nearing, we chose to fast track the listing of our home. Debbie sprung into action. She immediately scheduled a landscaper for our yard (which was bare dirt), a handyman for painting and minor repairs, a staging company, a termite inspection, and a home inspection. All of these tasks were completed in time for Broker's tour the next Tuesday. She created postcards announcing an open house the following Sunday. Our home was on Broker's tour one additional Tuesday, with offers to be accepted on that Thursday. We received four offers, two of which exceeded our best expectations.

In fifteen days, Debbie successfully prepared our home for sale, conducted impressive marketing, and secured a buyer. This process was completely painless and stress-free for my husband and I. I have no doubt that Debbie's efforts, and those of her team, resulted in the best possible price for our home. We were very pleased with her service, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to list their home for sale."

Jon Yonago-San Mateo, August 2005

"I am enjoying my new home more than ever. I would like to thank you for making my first home purchase an overall great experience. First, I was very impressed with your knowledge of the Peninsula. Your familiarity of the types of homes, quality of the schools, and character of the neighborhoods was extremely helpful for selecting the right place.

Secondly, thank you for being such a patient agent. I never felt rushed or pressured during the year that I was looking for a home. You were always reassuring and helpful during the entire process.

Thirdly, when I was able to make an offer on a property, I felt very comfortable and confident with you negotiating skills. You had many insights into the process and were very knowledgeable.

I could not have had a better experience with my home purchase. Your years of professional experience showed throughout each step in the process."

Rick Podesta-Daly City, July 2005

"Debbie did a fantastic job representing me in the sale of my property in Daly City. Initially, I had planned to have a long-time family realtor represent me, but upon meeting Debbie, I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and convincing presentation regarding the advantages of having Coldwell Banker supporting me in the sale of my home.

At all times she worked to deliver a 'win-win' transaction and their strong knowledge of the real estate market paid off for me. Debbie and her staff consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that my sale was as smooth and stress free as possible. They are extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market in the Bay Area and I followed her advice without question. From recommendations for a bathroom remodel all the way to the details of the paint color, she helped guide the transformation of my property from a 'fixer-upper' to a sparkling, beautiful home that a very happy family purchased. Moreover, during negotiations, her professional advice kept everything on track. As a result, I received top dollar for my home and experienced a quick and 'painless' closing!

Debbie's high degree of professionalism, integrity, honesty, communication, partnership and real estate experience made her a pure pleasure to work with. I found her professional competence was exceeded only her pleasant and warm personality. She is the hardest working realtor on the Peninsula. I couldn't have asked for a better team in managing my real estate needs."

John & Marianne Shinn-San Carlos, February 2005

"In July of 2001, Debbie Wilhelm helped us purchase our home at 148 Devonshire in San Carlos. When we decided to buy a new home and sell Devonshire, we naturally turned to Debbie to assist with both halves of the transaction. From beginning to end, on both the sell and buy side, Debbie was highly professional and always looked out for our best interests. Not only were we able to put together a wonderful winning offer on our new home at 96 Wessex Way, San Carlos, but Debbie assessed the market exceedingly well on selling Devonshire. She persuaded us to go the extra mile to prepare Devonshire for the market. As a direct result of her efforts, the showings were the "talk of town", the house garnered a Best of Show award and we had 17 offers, culminating in a sale well over our asking price. We are very appreciative of everything Debbie did to make the process as painless and rewarding as possible."

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